November 2022

¿Pensando en comprar una casa? Errores que debes evitar decorando temporada 1

Thinking about buying a house? Mistakes you must avoid when decorating this time of year

It is time to start preparing our home for the arrival of the autumn-winter season, so that we can spend it as cozy as possible. But the truth is that sometimes, and even more if we are thinking of buying a house, we can make some decorating mistakes that compromise our well-being during this season of the year, and make our home less attractive. We explain the decorative mistakes that are usually made...

Qué tipo de calefacción consume menos para su casa en el Penedès

What type of heating system consumes less for your house in the Penedès?

Winter is coming and, with the cost of energy increasing very quickly, if you live or want to buy a house in the Penedès we must ask ourselves, which heating system spend less energy? and which one heats more?   We should analyse which are the most efficient systems to lower the amount of the bills, but without giving up comfort, an equation that seems difficult but it is not.   Choose...

Calculate the orientation of your home

When looking for a home to buy, we usually pay attention to a number of basic aspects, such as its price, its location, its layout, its measurements... However, there are also other very important factors that tend to go unnoticed, such as orientation. Since this is a key aspect when it comes to knowing if the apartment we like is the right one to buy, at Casas&Raluy we explain how it...

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