Reasons to be optimistic

Immersed in the serious health crisis, we cannot forget some reasons to be optimistic at this time. The health sector is in the midst of one of the most damaging health crises of our time. A situation that forces the confinement of the population and the paralysis of the economy. In a context where the great pillars of life (health and money) are shaken, from Casas&Raluy we want to give some reasons to maintain optimism. What we are concerned with in the following lines is analysing the problem, but looking for those sprouts that can still bear fruit. Because we must know how to identify them well on the map to reach a good port. It is true that there are more than enough reasons for the alarm, but to occupy yourself with discovering what you can do is always better than abandoning yourself to mere paralyzing worry.

After the storm, optimism comes.

If we look back for a moment, we realize that the figures reached during the first quarter of the year were not at all as bad as many believed. In fact, today we see them as stratospheric. This indicates that it is vital to see things with perspective and temperament in order to analyze them correctly. It is true that after the health tsunami will come the economic one, and that complicated months await us. The real estate sector is no exception and it is more than likely that the second quarter of the year will be dire with falls in buying and selling, mortgages granted, new housing, construction and prices. But it is also likely that, with the arrival of summer, things will start to change and we could even close the year with data that invites reason for optimism. This is how it is seen by some scholars who, while they may label them as deluded, the truth is that the situation is so uncertain that no scenario can be ruled out. And put to imagine better to see the glass with some water.

Experts see reason for optimism

These optimistic voices base their thesis on the upsurge that the end of confinement will bring. Many people who have spent more time than ever in their homes will find that they don’t really like their home. They will understand that their priorities have changed and where before they preferred a good area they will now prioritize their interior (the light, the views, the terraces, wide balconies. . . ). This crisis will not leave anyone indifferent and the real estate needs will be changed by force after months of confinement. It is important that the real estate sector knows how to read this change of paradigm and adapt to the new demands. In fact, all indications are that this demand will be even greater than it was at the beginning of the pandemic.On the other hand, many of the houses intended for vacation rental will migrate to seasonal rental. This may lead to a natural price adjustment. Moreover, in addition to the already usual demand, it will be necessary to add the migration to the big cities of that population that has been dismissed and is looking for a new opportunity.

New construction and sales

New construction may be the biggest victim in the sector. Those promoters who had advanced the works before the hatching of the Coronavirus will manage to endure the storm decently. On the contrary, those that were being sold off plan will presumably suffer several cancellations and the construction process will be truncated. On its side, the purchase and sale will also be among the most affected, not only by the decrease in operations but also by the withdrawal of the foreign buyer (let’s not forget that this is a global crisis). In spite of the disaster, in 2021 things could turn around by 180 degrees. By then, both domestic and foreign sales will begin to roll in earnest.

After the crisis good times come

It may be too soon to say, it may still have to rain heavily for us to reach that bonanza. But the truth is that there are reasons for optimism and experience gives us hope and hope is the best ally in times of crisis. History shows us that after all the great crises of history, the times of splendour have arrived. Perhaps now the darkness does not let us see the horizon, there it is and every day is a little closer and the more we row together the better. It’s not about seeing the stage naively and dramatically, it’s about seeing it in the most practical and truthful way and making the most of the situation we’ve been through! We’ll keep going, lots of strength!

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