5 gardens of houses that you will fall in love with

When we consider having a garden at home, we usually think simply of the beauty that flowers and plants bring in an outdoor environment. And there is no doubt about this, but there are many other advantages that emerge from this space from a space where we can disconnect and be in contact with nature to an investment to give added value to the property.

Today we present 5 gardens that you can find in houses that are available on our website http://www.casasraluy.com .

1. Incredible and well-kept garden in Sant Andreu de Llavaneres. https://www.casasraluy.com/property/casa-lujosa-en-el-maresme-con-vistas-al-mar/

2. Garden farmhouse near the beach. This garden has natural grass and swimming pool. https://www.casasraluy.com/property/complejo-residencial-con-2-casas-y-terreno-de-600-m2/

3. Colinial house garden in Capellades. This well-kept and spacious plot can become your oasis of tranquility. https://www.casasraluy.com/property/casa-de-estilo-colonial-en-venta-en-capellades/

4. Garden with pine trees on the seafront in Comarruga. https://www.casasraluy.com/property/casa-en-comarruga-en-primera-linea-de-mar/

5. Casa situada cerca del Golf de Reus con un jardín y piscina que no te dejarán indiferente. https://www.casasraluy.com/property/elegante-casa-en-venta-en-campo-de-golf-en-reus/


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