How to create the perfect home office

Now that many of us have to work from home, it’s time to get used to the new routine in the best possible way. Basic tips for teleworking include setting a schedule, avoiding distractions, and also choosing a good workplace within the home. Here are some ideas for setting up a home office.

A room of your own or the dining room table

Having the possibility of having a room as a work area is the ideal option. Having a space separate from the rest of the house makes it easy to delimit the time that is dedicated to work and other tasks. If you do not have that possibility, you can enable the dining room or kitchen table as a temporary office.

Good light and powerful wifi

Having good light is an important factor when choosing the work area at home. It is advisable to make the most of natural light, and orient the table so that there are no reflections on the computer screen. If you need to use a gooseneck, it better be an LED bulb, and orientation on the keyboard or documents, not on the screen. It is also essential to have a good Wi-Fi reception or even independently consider the router by cable. If you need to move some furniture or the router itself, go ahead! The goal is to be as comfortable as possible in the new temporary office.

A good chair

Teleworking generally involves spending many hours sitting. And not all chairs are equally comfortable for all people. You can try all the chairs in the house and decide the best one for each one. Aesthetics are important, but nothing happens by combining a table with the chair of another room temporarily. For some it is even better to change seats throughout the day. Or work a few hours of cake, on the kitchen counter or some auxiliary furniture. The body of each one will ask for what best suits them.

Order and cleanliness

You have to have a hand what you may need: the computer, notebook and pens, hard drive … but it is not necessary to fill the table with junk that is not necessary. It helps to make a list of what is really needed and save the rest. The clearer the work surface, the better. Likewise, it is more advisable to maintain the cleanliness of the work area and ventilate the room in the first hour and throughout the day. At the end of the working day, everything should be collected and without piles of unorganized papers. If you also have to use the table for lunch or dinner, make room elsewhere to store everything you need to work until the next day.

A touch of color

Although it may seem contradictory to the previous point, it is advisable to endow the workspace with a touch of color, a small plant or a familiar object. It can be a photo, a souvenir from a trip or the drawing of a nephew that can motivate you.

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